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Team Division Field # of players Year of Birth
Pee Wees  Small 7+1 03-04
U-8 Small 7+1 01-02
U-9 Small 7+1 2000
U-10 North 8+1 1999
U-11 North 8+1 1998
U-12 North 8+1 1997
U-13 North/South 7+1 1996


7+1 1994
Juvenil/ U-17


7+1 92-93




Reglas de Tiempo Establecidas

DIVISIONS Tiempo a jugar
PEE-WEES 30 Minutes Straight
U-8 30 Minutes Straight
U-9 30 Minutes Straight
U-10 30 Minutes Straight
U-11 30 Minutes Straight
U-12 30 Minutes Straight
U-13 30 Minutes Straight
U-14 30 Minutes Straight
U-15 30 Minutes Straight
JUVENIL/U-17 30 Minutes Straight





Las Horas de los Juegos son muy específicas. Tardanzas o retrasos no serán toleradas. Los directores técnicos (Coaches) son responsables de tener dentro del campo de juego a su equipo cuando el Árbitro los llame para el comienzo del partido.


En las divisiones de Pee -Wees a la división U-9 un mínimo de 5 jugadores más el portero son requeridos para comenzar el juego.


Para las divisiones U-10 a la división Juvenil un mínimo de 7 jugadores más el portero en la cancha de juego es requerido para comenzar el juego.


 (Un jugador mas será permitido para el equipo que este completo)

Esta regla es aplicable para todas las DIVSIONES.

En las divisiones Pee Wees a la U-9 el equipo completo podrá jugar con 6 jugadores en la cancha.

En las Divisiones U-10 a la Juvenil  la misma regla es aplicada un Jugador mas será permitido para el equipo que este completo o sea que podrá jugar con 9 Jugadores. 


Solamente 5 minutos de tolerancia serán permitidos. El equipo que no esté completo dentro de la cancha después del tiempo de tolerancia perderá el partido por DEFAULT.



Time frames and time of play will be very specific. Delays of play will not be tolerated. The coaches are responsible to enter the field with their players when they are called to play.


For the divisions of Pewees through U-9 Each team needs to have a minimum of SIX players to be able to start their game; For Divisions U-10 Through Juvenil. Each Team need to have a minimum of 8 Players to be able to start the game In this situation, the other team will be able to play with only SIX players (one player more than the team short of players). There will be a five minute tolerance time frame so that the incomplete team has all his players in the field. If the incomplete team does not have at least SIX players in the field and the other team is complete: the incomplete team will lose by DEFAULT.


Coaches: All coaches must provide a minimum of 8 minutes of playing time to all players. Coaches fail to fallow the rules will be subject to a suspencion.

Players:  Players must attend to all practices unless they are excused from the coach team. 


One head coordinator per division will be selected by the Board of Directors. Must be chosen within one week after new tournament. Their primary function will be to organize and supervise games played during that division level. They will also be an intricate part of the Playing Rules Committee.

Playing Rules Committee: To be formed by the six head coordinators and the director of referees. (7 people)



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